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Around 20% of global trade flows are imbalanced, the air cargo industry calculates. And it’s likely to get worse. The inefficiency of bringing back empty containers by plane is a real problem for leasing companies and transport integrators alike. Fortunately, there are ways to manage large container fleets more resourcefully. One of the best is using smaller, foldable or collapsible containers that carry the same volume of cargo. Our wide range of certified, perfect-fit containers will help you cut costs and provide a better customer service at the same time.

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Take a closer look at a selection of our containers, and discover how we satisfy the logistical needs of our customers while meeting industry requirements. Discover World's first inflatable AKE and our collapsible container.

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We are proud to serve a wide range of organisations and industries around the world, from airlines and express carriers to leasing companies and defence organisations.

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