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If you transport by air temperature-sensitive cargo like food and pharmaceuticals, you know how important it is to guarantee an unbroken cold supply chain. Our certified temperature-controlled containers also known as air cargo refrigerated containers do just that. What’s more, they come in two sizes to meet all your logistical needs: RKN and RAP.

Why buy our containers?

Excellent performance

Exceptional insulation materials and optimised airflow that keeps your cargo at the desired temperature for the entire trip, even under extreme conditions.

Complete ownership

Why lease when owning your equipment is a much better way to invest your capital? Spend the money you save on other cold chain opportunities.

Totally reliable

Avoid the risk of unstable or inaccurate temperature ranges during transport. Each one of our containers is tested extensively to guarantee its performance.

Temperature control unit

Our cool containers use a combination of dry ice and a TCU to keep your cargo within the desired temperature range until it reaches its final destination.

Product portfolio

Take a closer look at our certified cool containers and discover how you can meet industry regulations and your unique logistical needs at the same time.

Checklist for buying sustainable and reliable cool containers

Next to cooling method and capacity, there are many other things to take into consideration when buying your next cool container. Two elements that are fast becoming an urgent priority in the air cargo world are sustainability and reliability. With this free checklist we'll help you set your priorities and take the right things into consideration.


Supporting the Future Readiness of Yamato’s Cold Chain Service

When Yamato Transport was in need of a new supplier of RKN containers, they quickly reached out to VRR and asked if we could customise the RKN to their explicit requirements. Read how our collaboration led to a future-ready refrigerated delivery service for Yamato and the creation of the removable, rechargeable battery pack for all our customers.

How much dry ice do you need?

Did you know you can easily calculate how much dry ice you need to keep your cargo cool until it reaches its destination? Check out our free Dry Ice Calculator!


Buying vs leasing

Is it better for your company to buy or lease an air-cargo cool container? It’s quick and easy to estimate with our free online Buy vs. Lease Calculator.


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To be honest, we’re not surprised. Our cool containers are worth a closer look.

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Our cool insights

We sell cool containers to a wide range of organisations and industries around the world, from leasing companies to pharma logistic providers. Along the way, we pick up intimate market knowledge, which we’re happy to share with you.

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