Customised ULDs for your special cargo

Handling oversized, heavy or sensitive air cargo that can’t be transported using a standard Unit Load Device? You’ve come to the right ULD manufacturer. Our experienced engineers find no challenge too difficult. We’ll happily build you a customised air cargo container that ensures the safe, efficient and compliant handling of your special cargo throughout the entire transportation process.

Ready to take on your special cargo challenge

“Can you make a completely customised ULD for our special cargo?” is probably one of our favourite questions to get. Our answer is always yes, even if, at first glance, we’re not sure exactly how to do it. Some of our most innovative ULD designs started life as a seemingly impossible air cargo handling scenario.

Heavy machines, high-value items, ready to deploy equipment and extremely sensitive materials have unique characteristics and/or regulatory requirements. As such, these types of air cargo pose huge operational challenges. Top of the list is creating a custom-made container that can accommodate their distinctive features and offer aircraft compatibility.

Common features of special cargo

Our customised ULDs are designed to meet the very specific conditions of special cargo. And the longer the list of conditions, the more enthusiastic we become in finding you a solution. Of course, what makes any cargo ‘special’ varies, but these are the features we come across most often.

Why buy our customised ULDs?

Streamlined, step-by-step creation process

Every customised project is different. Some take more time than others. But no matter the challenge, we follow a proven, consultative process that turns your unique request into a viable commercial and technical proposal.

Practical multi-modal solutions

Shipments rarely end their journey at the airport. In all likelihood, your special cargo will be taken by train and/or truck to its final destination. That’s why, when designing our containers, we think about all the modes of transport you might use.

Well-earned reputation for ULD certification

Our team of compliance engineers are dedicated to the certification of all our ULDs. In fact, EASA has so much confidence in us, we’re authorised to issue Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) for non-standard ULDs.

How we work

If you’d like to know more about how we work, read this behind-the-scenes article. It explains our many steps to produce a custom-built air cargo container—from understanding your challenge and creating a conceptual design to testing and prototyping.

Contact us

Do you have a special type of cargo and are in need of a customised ULD? Or do you have questions about the posibilities? Just fill in the form and one of our specilists will contact you asap. 


Checklist for sustainable and reliable ULDs

Next to the safety and security of your consignment these days there are two other elements that are fast becoming an urgent priority in the air cargo world: sustainability and reliability. This free checklist will help you take these priorities into consideration when buying or leasing ULDs.