Delivering perfect-fit air cargo products with world-class reliability and cutting-edge design since 1946.

Six amazing families of Unit Load Devices

Our wide range of certified ULDs are designed to fit perfectly. Whatever size and shape of air cargo you’re transporting, and whatever type of aircraft you use. The solution you’re looking for is right here. Just what you’d expect from an industry leader.

Our knowledge

We like to think we know a thing or two about ULDs. After all, we’ve been innovating for the air cargo industry for more than seventy years. But we also like to share what we know. Because we know that innovation doesn’t take place in a vacuum. It rests on collaboration.

Our expertise

When it comes to creating air cargo products, we enjoy a first-class reputation. That’s down to our team of designers, engineers and technicians. Every day, they pour all their knowledge, skill and creativity into creating high quality ULDs. Not just for the challenges facing you today, but also the ones you’ll be facing tomorrow.

Our customers

We work with a lot of different companies and industries around the world. From airlines and express carriers to leasing companies and high tech companies. The one thing they all have in common? They want certified ULDs that fit their needs perfectly. We’re happy to oblige.

  • dhl-VRR_ref.jpg Elbe_Flugzeugwerke-VRR_ref.jpg ECS-VRR_ref.jpg
  • Etihad_Airways-VRR_ref.jpg GE_Capital_Aviation_Services-VRR_ref.jpg FIA-VRR_ref.jpg
  • KLM_cargo-VRR_ref.jpg Korean_Air-VRR_ref.jpg L-3_communications-VRR_ref.jpg
  • Lufthansa-VRR_ref.jpg mammoet-VRR_ref.jpg NATO-VRR_ref.jpg
  • porsche-VRR_ref.jpg Qatar_Airways-VRR_ref.jpg redbull_race-VRR_ref.jpg
  • royal_netherlands_air_force-VRR_ref.jpg Singapore_Airlines-VRR_ref.jpg South_African_Airways-VRR_ref.jpg
  • tnt-VRR_ref.jpg Thai_Airways-VRR_ref.jpg UN-VRR_ref.jpg
  • Volkswagen_Motorsport-VRR_ref.jpg Williams_F1-VRR_ref.jpg AgustaWestland-VRR_ref.jpg
  • air_france-VRR_ref.jpg ana-VRR_ref.jpg asml-VRR_ref.jpg
  • airbus-VRR_ref.jpg Atlas_Air-VRR_ref.jpg Autoflug-VRR_ref.jpg
  • Boeing-VRR_ref.jpg BAE_Systems-VRR_ref.jpg Cargolux_Airlines-VRR_ref.jpg
  • Carl_Zeiss-VRR_ref.jpg Cathay_Pacific-VRR_ref.jpg at_t-VRR_ref.jpg

We’re ready to help.
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