Compliance & certification

Compliance & certification

Supplying products to the aviation industry means observing strict quality requirements and meeting all compliance standards. We guarantee that all our Unit Load Devices are airworthy and meet the industry’s highest standards.

Safety is paramount in the aviation world, which is why a Unit Load Device (ULD) must be approved for use – or certified - by the relevant Civil Aviation Authority (e.g. EASA, FAA) before it can be loaded into an aircraft. 

At VRR, we’re particularly good at getting ULDs certified. That’s essential for a company that has the versatility to create custom products for a wide variety of air transport solutions.

VRR certifications

VRR is certified to design and manufacture air cargo related equipment under EASA Part 21. We also have EASA Part 145 certification, allowing us to return an unserviceable unit back into service, thus continuing the airworthiness of the product. In addition to the EASA certification, we adhere to AS 9100, which fully incorporates the entirety of the current version of ISO 9001 and adds additional requirements relating to quality and safety.