Meet our general air cargo containers

Welcome to our general-purpose air cargo containers, where practicality meets expert engineering. The shapes and sizes may be standardised; the build is definitely not. Each certified ULD is designed with operational efficiency and aircraft compatibility in mind, offering you quick and easy loading access, maximum internal cargo volume, effective cargo protection and excellent durability.

Product portfolio

Our general-purpose air cargo containers are packed full of features and options that serve the needs of express air cargo transportation. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight container for lower decks or a container for main decks, you can be confident you’ll be buying the best that the ULD market has to offer.

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You’ve studied the technical data sheet, 3D model and all the options, so you know which one of our General Cargo containers is the right one for you. The next step is a personalised quotation. That’s easy. Just give us a few details, and our sales engineers will produce one for you. In addition to the price, you’ll receive product specifications, a technical proposal and delivery times.


Why buy our general air cargo containers?

Operational efficiency

Our design engineers work hard to make a loader’s life easier by minimising the time it takes to access and close the containers. Consequently, our door entrances are made as large as possible.

Superior durability

To ensure our containers survive the rigours of air transport, we use high-quality aluminium alloys and custom-designed extrusions. And if a container ever gets damaged? The material and design make repair easy and affordable.

Optimal volume

We maximise the internal volume of all our containers based on innovative design concepts. We can equip our larger containers with interior components to make the most of the available space and protect the cargo against the pressure.

Complete protection

Your cargo will stay safe and dry throughout its journey with our weatherproof and theftproof containers. What’s more, with no sharp edges anywhere on the inside, there’s no risk of torn and damaged goods.

Checklist for buying reliable and sustainable ULDs

There are many things to take into consideration when buying ULDs. Next to the safety and security of your consignment there are two other elements that are fast becoming an urgent priority in the air cargo world: Sustainability and reliability. With this free checklist we'll help you set your priorities and take the right things into consideration.


Looking to reduce ULD repositioning costs and carbon emissions?

Now you can. By shrinking the size of your containers, not their capacity. Our collapsible AAX and AAY carry the same volume of cargo as a standard version of this container. It also meets exactly the same airworthiness requirements. However, when collapsed, it can be stacked in the hold, leaving substantially more floor space for your full ULDs and making a significant contribution to your sustainability goals.

More information or questions?

No problem. Feel free to ask us anything! Just let us know what you'd like to know and one of our Sales Engineers will shortly give you all the information you need.


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