AAY ULD Collapsible container

Position your empty containers where you need them most

Designed to address the global imbalance in ULD stocks and to help ULD fleet managers optimise the efficiency of their fleets, our collapsible AAY ULD is the first of its kind to be certified by a civil aviation authority.

This unique, main-deck AAY ULD can be set up and folded down in seconds, yet it has the same capacity as a standard AAY. When collapsed, it can be stacked, shipped and stored in the most space-efficient way possible.



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Features and Benefits

The collapsible AAY has a range of standard features that support industry-wide efforts to improve operational efficiencies and introduce sustainability practices.

  • Foldable and stackable
    When collapsed, can be stacked up to six high in a plane’s hold and up to eight high in a shipping container for cost-effective repositioning

  • Strong and resilient
    When full, offers the same level of cargo protection as the standard version during flight and is certified to the same high air-worthiness standards

  • Easy to operate
    It takes just two people and one minute to set up and fold down; parts are as lightweight as possible and there is no need for tools

  • Safe to operate
    All parts lock into place automatically with visible signs and an audible click to ensure that each panel is properly secured

  • Practical and versatile
    It fits the main deck of many types of aircraft; offers an optimal fit for six types of aircraft and a non-optimal fit for seven others

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This is the AAY collapsible


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