About VRR

At VRR, we love to challenge the status quo. To advance the air cargo industry and never accept anything less than excellent quality. To collaborate with our global partners and customers in making perfect-fit Unit Load Devices. Most of all, we love to be best in class.

That attitude—instilled in the company by our Dutch founders way back in 1946—is what drives us to make the innovative products for which we’re known. Sure, we experiment. And sometimes we make mistakes. But our determination has got us to where we are today. A world leader in air cargo containers. 

Facts and Figures

What is it like to work with us?

It’s natural to do your research when looking for a new business partner. And what better place to start than with our customers? Discover our customer satisfaction rate, read our client testimonials, and learn about our collaborative approach in our case studies.

Our purpose, ambition and vision

What does VRR stand for as a company, and what are our aspirations and dreams? Read our purpose, ambition and vision statements and find out how our air cargo products align with our core values.

Our history

If it wasn’t for two ambitious, post-war entrepreneurs in Rotterdam, VRR wouldn’t be here today. Read about our fascinating journey and discover how we became a global force in ULDs.

Maintaining the highest regulatory standards

At VRR, we pride ourselves on our ability to create original and custom air cargo products that meet stringent certification standards. The range of international certificates that we have been awarded prove our quality management systems are fit for purpose and continually assessed.


The Alternative Procedures to Design Organisation Approval certificate permits us to perform design activities under the applicable European aviation regulations for Supplemental Type Certificates (STC’s) and European Technical Standard Orders (ETSOs).

EASA Part 21G

This airworthiness and environmental certificate allows us to manufacture air cargo containers and pallets and related air cargo equipment according to European aviation regulations.

EASA Part 145

The EASA Part 145 Approval permits us to maintain air cargo containers and pallets and related air cargo equipment such as galley carts according to European aviation regulations.