This is what gets usout of bed in the morning...

At VRR, we love to challenge the status quo. To advance the air cargo industry and never accept anything less than excellent quality. To collaborate with our global partners and customers in making perfect-fit Unit Load Devices. Most of all, we love to be best in class.

That attitude—instilled in the company by our Dutch founders way back in 1946—is what drives us to make the innovative products for which we’re known. Sure, we experiment. And sometimes we make mistakes. But our determination has got us to where we are today. A world leader in air cargo containers. From VRR in Rotterdam, to anywhere you want your cargo to go in the world. 

Our mission

Inspiring our colleagues, partners and customers to co-create the safest and most efficient air cargo innovations.

Our vision

To conquer the skies in becoming the premier global expert in air cargo products.

Our Core Values

Our mission and vision are upheld by a set of core values that reflect who we are.


Telling our company’s story (which is pretty neat) is a way for us to instil a sense of identity and purpose. To preserve fine traditions but also make a case for change. Management trends come and go. What matters is who we are. And by understanding our past, we can shape our future.

Our customers

We work with a lot of different companies and industries around the world. From airlines and express carriers to leasing companies and high tech companies. The one thing they all have in common? They want certified ULDs that fit their needs perfectly. We’re happy to oblige.

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