Comfortable horse air transport

When it comes to flying, horses are like humans. Both want comfort and safety. After more than 35 years collaborating with airlines, owners and handlers, we’ve become the world’s specialist in designing certified ULDs for shipping horses by air. Each one of our horse stalls provides the best level of animal welfare and groom safety possible.

Why buy our ULD horse stalls?

Stress-free travel

Give your horses first-class accommodation. Features such as a low entrance, adjustable ventilation and vibration damping floor offer them a calm environment during ground handling and in flight.

Maximum comfort

Soft, cleanable padding, attachment points for hay and ropes, and watertight floor pans with sufficient absorption material ensure every horse arrives in tip-top condition and ready to perform.

Guaranteed safety

All our horse stalls are certified by EASA and meet SAE standards for the aircraft transportation of horses. You can be confident each container is structurally sound and protects aircraft from corrosion.

Practical design

Designed in collaboration with grooms, every model offers easy access for feeding and a configuration that can be adapted to the size and number of horses being transported. Some are even collapsible.

Product portfolio

Take a closer look at our certified horse ULDs to see how you can provide safe and comfortable air transport for horses, whatever their size or shape.

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