Sustainability at VRR

Committed to environmental health, social equity and economic vitality 

At VRR, sustainability is not a trend but a promise. We care deeply about our products, the people around us, and our beautiful planet. That’s why sustainability in all its forms is embedded into every corporate decision we make, from Life Cycle Analyses for our Unit Load Devices to energy-efficiency measures for our premises and travel policies for our employees. Of course, this means rethinking the way we do business. But that’s cool. As we see it, it’s the only way to create long-term stakeholder value and actively contribute to our planet’s future.



The four pillars of our sustainability strategy

We’ve built our sustainability strategy on four pillars: Product, People, Emissions and Governance. Each of these pillars has specific goals. Project groups made up of employees from across the company work together to achieve those goals.


Developing safe and innovative air cargo solutions that minimise CO2 emissions throughout their life cycle.


Caring for people—not just those at VRR but all our stakeholders—by offering a safe, motivating workplace, making employees feel valued, and giving back to the community.


Reaching net zero for Scopes 1 and 2 emissions by 2030 and reducing all indirect emissions throughout our value chain in the longer term.


Holding ourselves and our partners to a strict set of ethical standards, promoting a culture of integrity, and communicating all our sustainability efforts openly and transparently.

Transparent reporting

Visit our sustainability reporting page to explore how we’re working hard to realign our day-to-day business practices with sustainable principles. A great place to start, is our first annual sustainability report. It sets out all our goals, initiatives, and achievements in a format that is easy to digest and visually appealing.




Articles on sustainability

Our sustainanbility journey is one we'd like to share with you. We want to explain the steps we are taking and the lessons we are learning along the way. Here is a selection from our blog. Read, share and be inspired.