Our journey

Towards a strategic approach of sustainability

At VRR, we love a challenge. But finding ways to care for the environment, seeking social justice and creating economic value while meeting the needs of our customers and stakeholders had got to be our most significant challenge to date. And we love it.


We’re talking about our sustainability strategy. Which is no passing ambition of top management. Making and creating sustainable choices in our day-to-day work is something employees across the company care deeply about. That’s why we’re setting the bar high. We have embarked on a journey to turn sustainability into a strategic and operational priority. A journey that relies on active collaboration and a clear sense of direction.

Our commitment to sustainability

In early 2022, we produced a sustainability strategy that meets our aims and fits our business model. Underpinning our strategy are four pillars: Product, People, Emissions and Governance. Each of those pillars has specific goals, and project groups have been assigned to achieve those goals.

Producing this progamme was a joint effort, involving enthusiastic people from all areas of VRR. Along the way, we learnt that environmental health, social equity and economic vitality are interconnected and that we all have a responsibility for future generations.

The pillars on which our strategy stands


Developing air cargo solutions that use sustainably sourced materials, cause less CO2 emissions in their use-phase, and incorporate end-of-product-life into their design phase.


Caring for people. Those working at VRR and others that are close to us. Offering a safe and motivating working environment, making employees feel valued and giving back to the community.


Improving our energy efficiency. By reducing operational CO2 emissions, using more sustainable options for business travel, and becoming net-zero.


Holding ourselves and our partners to a strict set of ethical standards, promoting a culture of integrity, and communicating transparently on all our sustainability efforts.

Blogs on sustainability

Our journey in sustainability is one we'd like to share with you. To show what we are doing and to maybe even inspire. Read all about it in our blogs on sustainability.