RKN cool container

The RKN cool container (LD3 size) is perhaps the most versatile temperature-controlled ULD on the market. It not only maintains the internal temperature for several days but also fits a wide range of aircraft. It is perfectly compatible with 14 types of aircraft. With it's high reliability and great performance, this container is indispensable to your cold chain. 

The RKN uses dry ice as the cooling agent. However, it is also equipped with a temperature control system that maintains the set temperature and logs the measured data throughout the entire journey.

Like all our ULD's, this RKN is EASA certified and accepted by the FAA. This means we can guarantee it meets the industry’s highest standards concerning safety. 


Like even more technical data?

No problem. Just download the RKN’s Product brochure. It'll tell you all you need to know and will give you a complete view of the container with a really cool 3D model. 

Features and performance

  • Robust control system that maintains the internal temperature and logs data
  • Removable rechargeable battery that can be removed and replaced in seconds
  • Simple maintenance for fewer operational disruptions and a longer asset life
  • Fork pockets on all four sides for easy manoeuvrability around the warehouse
  • Fully tested and certified so you can guarantee customers an unbroken cold chain

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You’ve studied the technical data sheet, browsed the operating manual and seen the product brochure, so you know the RKN is the right container for you. The next step is a personalised quotation. That’s easy. Just give us a few details, and our sales engineers will produce one for you. In addition to the price, you’ll receive product specifications, a technical proposal and delivery times.


How much dry ice do you need?

Did you know you can easily calculate how much dry ice you need to keep your cargo cool until it reaches its destination? Check out our free Dry Ice Calculator!

Need an even bigger container?

If the RKN doesn’t offer all the cargo space that you need, check out our RAP container. This large main-deck cool container has the same great features, but it can hold almost three times more cargo than the RKN.

Customised solutions

Looking for something special to ship unique or unusual cargo? We also create quality, customised ULDs that allow the safe transportation of heavy, odd-sized or high-value products. Each one comes with guaranteed global certification. Check out our ‘We Keep It Special’ product family.​

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