HML / HMR Horse stable

The HML and HMR horse stalls provide the best fit on a varied range of wide-body aircraft in either the left or right position. Both stables can be folded down to stackable packages for lower-deck transport on return flights. This saves considerable transportation costs and makes repositioning much easier. Although the stable is fully collapsible, the horses’ comfort has not been compromised. The interior is fully equipped with partitions.

ULD type
  • HML / HMR
  • Type - H
    Certified horse stalls
  • Base size - M
    3175x2438 mm / 125x96 inch
  • Contour - J
    2438x2335 mm / 96x91.9 inch
  • Tare weight:
    1160 kg / 2557 lb
  • Max. gross weight:
    6804 kg / 15000 lb
  • Max. net weight:
    5644 kg / 12443 lb
  • 14 m³ / 500 ft³

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