HMJ ULD for shipping horses by air

The HMJ ULD is the safest and most comfortable horse stall in our range. It’s also the most flexible. Thanks to its adjustable contour, the HMJ fits several wide-body aircraft and a number of narrow-body aircraft.

The roof structure has been designed so that each side can be adjusted independently, allowing loading to take place from both the left and right. This allows the horse air transport to always face forward when flying.

In addition, the unique door-and-ramp system opens both vertically and horizontally, making the cleaning and loading much easier.


Like even more technical data?

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Features and benefits


  • Fixed horse stall with front and rear doors that also be used as ramps
  • Flexible contour to fit a broad range of wide- and narrow-bodied aircraft
  • Breast frames that can be opened and used to guide the horse inside
  • Kick-doors to make loading much safer
  • Slidable partitions to enable two- or three-horse configurations
  • Easy access for the groom to feed and water the horse during flight
  • Watertight floors to ensure the safety of horse and plane

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Sending your horses on a one-way ticket?

If you’re looking for a J-contour container, but are not planning to bring back your horses, check out our HML/HMR model. This collapsible stall, which can be positioned left or right on the main-deck of wide-body aircraft, can be folded into stackable units for lower-deck return transportation. You get to cut the cost of returning empty stalls and you make it much easier to reposition for storage.

Instructions Video HMJ Loading Horses

How to arrange first class horse transport

When animal welfare and comfortable transport are your first priority, you'll probably want to know what 'comfortable' means to your horse. Together with experts from the industry, we've made this infographic to show you the 9 most important things to arrange is you want to make sure your horses feel comfortable while being transported by air.