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Should you buy or lease your next RKN or RAP container? We’ve simplified the decision-making process for you by comparing all the costs involved. Use the calculator below to discover how many shipments your cool container would have to make before buying becomes a better option for your company.

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Initial purchase volume
Batch size influences product price
cool containers
Costs per lease period
Trips per lease period
Additional fees per lease period
e.g. delivery / collection / repositioning fee
Cost per shipment per containerBreakeven at {{result.BreakEvenNumberOfTrips | number:0}} shipments per container
€{{result.BuyingCosts | number:0}}
€{{result.LeasingCosts | number:0}}
The breakeven point above is calculated by comparing the total lease cost of one cool container with the total purchase cost of one cool container. It assumes that cost is the sole criterion for your decision. However, there are always other business factors to consider when deciding whether to buy or lease.
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Please send me your step-by-step guide. It will give me a clearer idea of all the factors I need to consider (not just the costs), explain the breakeven calculation, and tell me the outlook for the cold chain logistics market.

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