We are open, honest and ethical in all our dealings with every stakeholder, and we expect the same in return

Governance may sound a little dry and dusty, but it is crucial to VRR’s corporate sustainability strategy. We care deeply about our stakeholders and want to always do good by them.
By maintaining our integrity in every aspect of our business, we also hope to inspire others
to do the same.

Our main strategic goal is to hold ourselves and our partners to a strict set of
ethical standards, promote a culture of integrity, and communicate all our sustainability efforts openly and transparently.

2024 governance goals

Policies to publish:

  • Quality and safety policy
  • Supplier code of conduct
  • Sustainability policy
  • Integrity policy
  • Security policy


Data security

  • Achieve zero data breaches and guarantee the security of all internal and third-party information.
  • Review ISO/IEC 27001, the international standard for information security, for internal weaknesses and implement improvements as appropriate.
  • Use ISO/IEC 27001 on a consistent basis in the future to set the standards for our data security practices and processes.


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