We are open, honest and ethical in all our dealings with every stakeholder, and we expect the same in return

Why governance is crucial to VRR’s corporate sustainability strategy

That’s simple: we care deeply about our stakeholders. We want to always do good by them. By maintaining our integrity in every aspect of our business, we also hope to inspire others to do the same.

Main sustainability goals

  • Report back to our stakeholders on sustainability goals in a transparent manner
  • Protect our data as well as the data of our customers and suppliers
  • Have processes and documents in place to support and secure our sustainability strategy

Short-term sustainability goals

To attain and maintain high ethical standards at all levels of the organisation, we’ve created the following targets:

Long-term sustainability goals

We don’t have any long-term goals for now, but that will change in 2023 as we work our way through our numerous short-term goals. We’ll put them on this page as soon as we have them.

Sustainability reporting

We believe it’s important to be transparent about our sustainability progress. Since 2023 is “ground zero” for us, we’ll have a full report on all our efforts, successes, challenges and new goals by early 2024.

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