Specially designed for B737/757, three horse configuration

HAY horse stable

The majority of horses shipments per narrow-body freighter aircraft are operated with so called open top horse boxes. These open stalls are not certified by the airworthiness authorities. For those operators taking flight safety serious, we developed a durable and comfortable alternative - which is approved by EASA.

The horse stall is designated as HAY and allows transport up to three horses per stall. The design allows for both walk-on & walk-off transport as well as loading in the warehouse or animal hotel. 

During flight, crew can pass on either side of the stable as aisles for passage have been incorporated in the design.

The horses are well protected during flight and travel under a roof structure which is fully covered to prevent ingress of water or direct sunlight at ramp transfers.    

As mentioned, the HAY stalls are certified by EASA and can be used in the cargo loading system like any other ULD with a footprint of 88x125 inch.

Horse loading ramp 
For (un)loading at airports with limited handling equipment, we developed a portable horse loading ramp. For more information, please click here

ULD type
  • HAY
  • Type - H
    Certified horse stalls
  • Base size - A
    3175x2235 mm / 125x88 inch
  • Contour - Y
    3175x2022 mm / 125x79.6 inch
  • Tare weight:
    750 kg / 1653 lb
  • Max. gross weight:
    2722 kg / 6000 lb
  • Max. net weight:
    1972 kg / 4347 lb
  • 9.3 m³ / 328 ft³

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