RZX Container

The RZX container is designed to transport the latest generation of machines for the high-tech lithographic industry. It has a footprint of 125 inches x 196 inches, covering an area of two standard pallets loaded side-by-side.

Since this type of cargo is temperature-sensitive and shock-sensitive, the container is heavily insulated. In addition, a large independent refrigeration system actively maintains the desired temperature when the container is outside the aircraft.

ULD type
  • RZX
  • Type - R
    Thermal certified aircraft container
  • Base size - Z
    4978x3175 mm / 196x125 inch
  • Contour - Custom
    3175x2810 mm / 125x111 inch
  • Tare weight:
    2575 kg / 5677 lb
  • Max. gross weight:
    16440 kg / 36250 lb
  • Max. net weight:
    13865 kg / 30573 lb
Aircraft compatibility

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