AAY Container

The AAY container fits perfectly the main deck of many narrow body freighter aircraft such as the Airbus 320F and 321F or the Boeing 727F and 737F. Typically equipped with a net and cover for use in the express industry, it can also be designed for more specific purposes.

ULD type
  • AAY
  • Type - A
    Certified aircraft container
  • Base size - A
    3175x2235 mm / 125x88 inch
  • Contour - Y
    3175x2083 mm / 125x82 inch
  • Tare weight:
    220 kg / 485 lb
  • Max. gross weight:
    6804 kg / 15000 lb
  • Max. net weight:
    6584 kg / 14515 lb
  • 11.6 m³ / 410 ft³

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