Compatibility search tool: ULDs - aircraft

Most ULDs are compatible with one or more aircraft types. But how do you know which aircraft corresponds with the ULD you have or need? VRR has developed a compatibility tool to help you determine just that.

This page gives you an overview of all standard ULDs and aircraft types. Select one or more of the aircraft or click on the relevant ULD and you will be taken to an overview that lists all compatible aircraft or ULDs.

Note: it is necessary to check with us or the carrier if the aircraft can allow carriage of the container/pallet size.





Optimal fit (2)
AYK (ATR) (Main deck)

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Base size - Y
2121x1092 mm / 83.5x43 inch
Contour - K
2121x1270 mm / 83.5x50 inch
ABZ (Main deck)
Cover door, full aluminium, specially for ATR-72
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Base size - B
2743x2235 mm / 108x88 inch
Contour - Z
2743x1657 mm / 108x65.2 inch
Non-optimal fit (1)
AKE (Lower deck)
Solid door, rigid structure
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Base size - K
1562x1534 mm / 61.5x60.4 inch
Contour - E
2002x1600 mm / 78.8x63 inch

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