We develop products that surprise, inspire and contribute to a cleaner future.

Why our products are crucial to our corporate sustainability strategy

Air cargo solutions like our collapsible ULDs help airlines and carriers reduce their CO2 emissions, but there’s always more we can do as a developer. By looking at our products through a sustainability lens during the design stage, we make them more environmentally friendly across their lifespan.

Main sustainability goals

  • Develop innovative products that cause fewer CO2 emissions in their use phase. For example, collaborating with partners to achieve weight savings and more efficient utilisation of the aircraft.


  • Develop circular products. We want to reduce or eliminate the need for virgin materials, process waste more sustainably, and design our ULDs with their end of life in mind.

Short-term sustainability goals

Big ambitions can’t be reached overnight, so we’ve set smaller short-term goals to help get us there:

These goals are brand new, so plans to reach them are currently underway. We’ll report back on our plans and our progress periodically.

Long-term sustainability goals

We also need to think further ahead. Our long-term goals still need more definition and a timeline,  but it’s good to know in which direction we’re heading:

Sustainbility Reporting

We believe it’s important to be transparent about our sustainability progress. Since 2023 is “ground zero” for us, we’ll have a full report on all our efforts, successes, challenges and new goals by early 2024.

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