We reduce our organisation's impact on the environment so that future generations can enjoy a healthy planet

Why emissions are crucial to our corporate sustainability strategy

The air cargo industry is taking concrete steps to tackle carbon emissions. In the meantime, there’s a lot we can do as a company to reduce our greenhouse gases. We believe every effort we make will make a difference, no matter how small. So, we look critically at how we operate and are honest and open about our measurements and reporting.

Main sustainability goals

  • Reduce emissions in Scopes 1 and 2 of the GHG Protocol per €m revenue every year
  • Reduce emissions for business travel and commuting per €m revenue every year
  • Do carbon offsetting to compensate for the remaining (unavoidable) emissions

Short-term sustainability goals

There’s a lot to do here, but we have to be realistic. Within the next 2-5 years, we’ll be working to:

Long-term sustainability goals

Looking further ahead, we’ll be aiming to:

Sustainability reporting

We believe it’s important to be transparent about our sustainability progress. Since 2023 is “ground zero” for us, we’ll have a full report on all our efforts, successes, challenges and new goals by early 2024.

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