Transparent reporting on our sustainability progress

Annual sustainability report 2023

We believe it’s important to be completely honest about our efforts to make sustainability a reality at VRR: not just our goals and successes but also the challenges and results we didn’t quite expect. We want you to see the whole journey, including the bumpy bits. Therefore, we are proud to present our first annual sustainability report.

This beautifully designed document sets out all our sustainability initiatives—the ones we started or completed AND the ones we cancelled or postponed—in bite-sized sections. It reveals how our actions and products are changing the way we do business and shows you how we've learned, adjusted and set new targets for ourselves. We hope you enjoy reading it. 


Sustainability spotlight

Our video series, “VRR Sustainability Spotlight”, takes you behind the scenes at VRR to demonstrate how we’re changing the way we do business—step by step—and to introduce you to the people working hard to make it happen.

Business travel

Helping everyone who works at VRR to be more conscious about their business trips.

Supporting commuting by bike

Inspiring Employees to Commute by Bicycle: good for their vitality and the planet. 

Making our buildings more efficient

Making our buildings less carbon intensive and improving conditions for all our colleagues and visitors.

Boosting Employee Well-being

Offering our eployees ways to improve their vitality.

Stay up to date with our progress

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