HMC Horse stable

Our HMC horse stall combines space, comfort and flexibility. It’s a full-size, main-deck horse stall. The full contour provides additional head room, which is particularly useful when shipping large or multiple horses.

Despite the extra volume it offers, it can be folded into a lower-deck, stackable unit for return flights. This reduces considerably the cost of sending back empty stalls and makes storage repositioning much easier.

Although we have made this a fully collapsible horse stall, we have not compromised the well-being of the animals. We’ve retained all the premium safety and comfort features that you find in our fixed horse stalls.


  • Fully collapsible stall to give you full utilisation of your valuable assets
  • Low ramp entrance and releasable breast frames to help load the horse
  • Vibration-damping base and sniffer boards to reduce stress and unrest
  • Adjustable ventilation to prevent the horse from overheating in the hold
  • Removable partitions to enable one-, two- or three-horse configurations
  • Easy access for the groom to feed and water the horse during flight
  • Certified design and watertight floors to ensure the safety of horse and plane

Instructions Video's HMC

Instructions Video's HMC Building

Instructions Video's HMC Collapsing

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