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Our customers

What is it like to work with VRR? We’re glad you asked that very important question. On this page you can discover our customer satisfaction rate, read our client testimonials, see which companies we work with, and learn about our collaborative approach.

Customer satisfaction

At VRR we like to go the extra mile to make our customers happy. That includes collaborating to find the perfect transport solution and sharing our knowledge and technical skills to create high quality ULDs. Every now and then we survey our customers to learn what we're doing right and what we could do different to make them even happier. In 2022 our customers awarded us with an 8,3 and an NPS of 60!

It is wonderful to know that our customers have such a positive experience working with us. However, we don’t let these scores go to our heads. Being complacent is not in our nature, and we are already working on improving those scores.


When you’re looking for a new business partner, you're also looking for reliable, third-party opinions. So we asked our customers if they would recommend us to others. This is what they said.

Client cases



Skycooler's RAP cool containers were ageing fast. To protect its superb reputation in the highly competitive inflight catering market, it turned to VRR. Skycooler shares which challenges it faced and how it overcame them together with VRR. 

Qatar Airlines Cargo


Transporting horses by plane requires careful planning and exceptional care. That is why when we design our horse stalls, we collaborate with those who really understand horses. One of those collaborators is Lodi Berk from Qatar Airways. 



How a supply quandary in cool containers led to a fruitful collaboration with VRR. Yamato, Japan’s No. 1 delivery service provider, shares their story on how and why they started working with VRR.

A global and diverse customer base

We work with many different companies and industries around the world, from airlines and express carriers to leasing companies and high-tech innovators. Here is a selection of the organisations that have put their trust in us.

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  • Etihad_Airways-VRR_ref.jpgGE_Capital_Aviation_Services-VRR_ref.jpgFIA-VRR_ref.jpg
  • KLM_cargo-VRR_ref.jpgKorean_Air-VRR_ref.jpgL-3_communications-VRR_ref.jpg
  • Lufthansa-VRR_ref.jpgmammoet-VRR_ref.jpgNATO-VRR_ref.jpg
  • porsche-VRR_ref.jpgQatar_Airways-VRR_ref.jpgredbull_race-VRR_ref.jpg
  • royal_netherlands_air_force-VRR_ref.jpgSingapore_Airlines-VRR_ref.jpgSouth_African_Airways-VRR_ref.jpg
  • tnt-VRR_ref.jpgThai_Airways-VRR_ref.jpgUN-VRR_ref.jpg
  • Volkswagen_Motorsport-VRR_ref.jpgWilliams_F1-VRR_ref.jpgAgustaWestland-VRR_ref.jpg
  • air_france-VRR_ref.jpgana-VRR_ref.jpgasml-VRR_ref.jpg
  • airbus-VRR_ref.jpgAtlas_Air-VRR_ref.jpgAutoflug-VRR_ref.jpg
  • Boeing-VRR_ref.jpgBAE_Systems-VRR_ref.jpgCargolux_Airlines-VRR_ref.jpg
  • Carl_Zeiss-VRR_ref.jpgCathay_Pacific-VRR_ref.jpgat_t-VRR_ref.jpg