RGX Container

As a 20ft container the RGX container is the largest certified container available worldwide. The cool container is insulated and equipped with an airco unit. The set point of the airco unit can be configured between -35°C and +30°C, the humidity is controlled. This cool container makes use of an airco reefer. It runs stand alone on diesel but can also be connected to an external electrical power supply.

Due to its stand-alone functionality the RGX container can act as local cooling warehouse at remote locations in case infrastructure is not available or warehouse space unavailable. To ensure the safety of usage, the container is equipped with sealing provision to ensure that container cannot be opened by unauthorized personnel.

For handling of the container it has been designed to be forklifted and hoisted. In addition ISO corners would allow multiple modes of transport like truck and train transportation.

The container has been certified under a STC (Supplement Type Certificate) for the B747F and B777F. The container needs to be shut off during flight. However, the temperature is controlled for a period of time by its insulation and conditioning of the aircraft’s cargo compartment.

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