XPC Pallet Coupler approved by FAA

Transporting over-sized cargo on two connected pallets has been a workaround used by freight carriers for decades. It’s hardly surprising. Two pallets forming a 20-ft pallet is much cheaper and simpler logistically than a single 20-ft pallet.
But there’s a rub.
Until now, there’s been no FAA-certified pallet coupler on the market. And that’s been creating a lot of frustration in the industry. Having to strap coupled pallets to the aircraft structure instead of using the aircraft’s locking system is extremely time-consuming.


Pallet coupler that’s easy to install and FAA approved
The answer was to develop a FAA-certified coupling beam that would be easy to install. And we’re proud to announce that VRR has produced the solution: the XPC coupling beam.
This lightweight connector:

  • connects two PMC (125”x96”) or two PAJ (125”x88”) pallets longitudinally
  • is FAA-certified
  • is approved by Boeing and included in their Supplemental Procedures document
  • ideal for over-sized cargo
  • easy to handle (instruction stickers placed on the XPC remove the need for additional training)
  • is installed in just under two minutes (watch video)
  • weighs less than 20 kg

Months of research and collaboration have paid off
It took months of research and testing, and a serious amount of collaboration with Boeing, several large full-cargo operators, other equipment suppliers and the FAA. Finally, we managed to develop a product that made the grade. What’s more, it’s the only approved coupling beam available on the market.

More info?
If you’d like to know more about the XPC pallet coupler, please contact us. We’d be delighted to tell you more.

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