VRR Launches Game Changing Inflatable AKE Container Concept

During the World Cargo Symposium, held at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, VRR has launched their first concept model of the inflatable AKE container. This product launch is the answer to the currently existing overstock and understock of Unit Load Devices caused by the international air cargo trade imbalance. With this new product VRR is convinced that they can improve the competiveness of their customers by optimizing cost and increasing their capacity utilization.
The inflatable AKE container, with its final weight of approximately 69kg (152 lbs), is automatically and within 30 seconds folded out by use of air pressure and is by this expanded to its final shape.

When releasing the air, the container can be quickly collapsed (within 2 minutes) by only 2 people. The collapsed container will allow shipment of folded containers up to a stack of 5 on the lower deck of regular wide body aircraft and by this easy and cost effective repositioning can be guaranteed.

“Current alternatives are expensive and time consuming, like for instance relocation by sea transport. We believe this way of working will be something of the past when our customers start implementing this inflatable AKE containers within their container fleet”

By applying materials and techniques that originate from extreme demanding environments, no concessions have been made to, weight, robustness, strength or safety of the structure. This makes this product easy to implement within any current operation.

“This new inflatable container will be one of our target products for our new collapsible and inflatable product line which will be released the upcoming year”

VRR expect to have the final certified version of its inflatable AKE container available by Q1 2020, in order to start series production in the course of 2020.

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