Improved RKN/RAP cool containers perform even better

At VRR, we’re not ones to sit back and admire our work. So, we’ve been busy redesigning the RKN and RAP cool containers. These quality containers use dry-ice to maintain the temperature inside, which provides superb performance when transporting temperature-sensitive goods like perishable food, drugs, blood plasma and vaccines. It’s why many airlines still use dry-ice containers for cool chain shipments.


Better performance, more robust
Adjustments to the design of the containers were minor but critical. They’ve led to an extreme decrease in the amount of dry-ice used per hour and a significant increase in the containers’ performance.
We’ve also managed to improve durability significantly by using more appropriate materials. That’s crucial for these kind of containers, which have to cope with the tough environment of air transport.

Guaranteed unbroken cool chain
These containers guarantee accurate, stable temperatures for long periods, as well as proof of an unbroken cool chain. The measured data from calibrated sensors can be exported—hassle free—using a memory stick via a USB-connection interface.
It goes without saying that the containers comply with all airworthiness regulations, including electromagnetic interference (EMI) for on-board usage.

Want to check these containers out for yourself?
If you’d like to know more about the RKN and RAP cool containers and the improvements we’ve made, we’d be happy to speak with you. We can also arrange controlled tests for chilled (0-5°C) and frozen (<-18°C) products. Just contact us.

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