Turkish Airlines orders HMA container for equine transport

When Turkish Airlines decided to extend its live animal transportation operations it decided to go for the HMA horse stall as its container of choice. Known for being spacious, extremely robust and user friendliness, this container is designed for use on B747F aircraft. However, it can also be loaded in the centre-position (rather than side-by-side) on the B777F and A3000F.

Horse comfort and groom convenience

The base is a heavy-duty sandwich structure which not only offers durability but also prevents the horses from feeling the aircraft’s rollers (PDU) during loading and unloading of the container.

The extra wide front and aft ramps and the sliding partitions make it very convenient for horses to enter and exit their temporary residence. The sliding doors gives the grooms easy access to their own space. The advantage of sliding doors is that they don’t protrude inwards when opened, which can unsettle horses held in a confined space.

Interior design

The interior also provides both horses and grooms a safe and comfortable cabin during the flight. This include:

  • Sliding partitions with built-in retractable sniffer boards to keep horses separate
  • Solid breast frames to provide a safe working area for the grooms
  • Rubber floor to provide animal welfare
  • Multiple rings and hooks for the storage of hay bags, tack, etc.
  • Aft bars to keep horse in position after loading

Turkish Airlines are very happy with the latest addition to their operations.

More info about horse stables?

The HMA horse stable ULD designed for Turkish Airlines is part of our We keep them comfortable product family. If you want to learn more about these types of aircraft containers, visit the product page of this product family.

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