AAY containers for dedicated cargo airline

VRR has just supplied ACL Airshop with new AAY containers. These main deck containers are to be leased to the West Atlantic Group, a European dedicated cargo airline that specialises in mail and express freight.

AAY containers are used in narrow body freighter aircrafts such as the B757, B737 and DC8, so they’re perfect for express transport. Fully transparent, except for the door, they make it easy to check if the container is loaded or not.

A ULD that meets a mail & express carrier’s high standards
Safety is important to West Atlantic, so the container has no sharp edges in- or outside and safety walk is applied to the first part of the base floor to prevent personnel from slipping. Other features of the AAY container include:

  • Rigid and easy door construction with a provision for a custom seal or padlock
  • Door aperture of 1868 x 1200mm (73.5 x 47.2 inch)
  • Completely watertight

West Atlantic pioneered the roll-on/roll-off concept for mail trolleys, and its sophisticated system of flight dispatch and technical management consistently gives greater than 99% dispatch reliability. It’s clear that Europe’s largest provider of unique Integrated Ground to Air mail logistics is focused on flexibility, efficiency and reliability, so we’re delighted we could provide the container that meets its high standards.

Like to know more?
You can find more details about the AAY container on the product page. If you have specific container requirements for mail or express air freight, please contact us.


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