VRR participates in the Red Bull Air Race

The Red Bull Air Race is considered by many to be fastest and most exhilarating motorsport on earth. So we’re delighted that VRR is playing a small but vital part in this thrilling competition by delivering several new AAM containers to the Red Bull Air Race Production and Logistics team.

Enabling race-to-race shipments in record time

Why the AAM container? Standard containers are designed for airport-to-airport shipments, but the AAM container has additional rigidity to cope with the rough-handling of door-to-door shipments. This makes it perfect for transporting the materials required for Red Bull Air Race within strict time constraints.

Transporting a World Championship across three continents

The Red Bull Air Race Production and Logistics team has to transport 12 race planes and 12 race teams to destinations in Europe, North America and Asia over a 10-month period.Everything at the race is custom built and transported to the next race city so that spectators can marvel at low-altitude, high-speed racing against the clock. From the Grid Stand and the Race Club to hangars and electronics equipment, it all has to be transferred.

Combining flexibility with robustness and manoeuvrability

The time between each of the eight racing events is extremely tight. Therefore, it’s vital to use a container that can match the team’s time-critical logistical plans. 

The container that we developed:

  • Has its height adjusted to fit into a sea or land container
  • Protects sensitive/precious cargo from outer elements and rough handling
  • Has a forkliftable base for loading and manoeuvring at race locations
  • Has solid doors to prevent theft and tampering
  • Has an internal drainage system for loaded wet cargo
  • Has additional protection sheets to prevent forklift damages
  • Has external tie down rings to provide additional securing facility for shipments by sea

The AAM container, we are pleased to report, is proving to be a winner in this exhilarating competition.

​More info?

If you’d like to know more about the AAM container and how it can be customised for your business, please contact us.

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