VRR helps NATO guarantee rapid deployment

NATO is constantly looking for ways to improve its military availability at short notice. Although it can’t plan for every eventuality, it can use foresight and groundwork to ensure a smooth, fast roll out when it’s called upon. And that can make a huge difference in military situations.

VRR was asked recently to design air cargo containers for the Italian Air Force, so that it can transport spare parts for aircraft to remote areas. We developed the ABY container. This container can store anything, from nuts and bolts to actuators and aircraft tyres. They’re also extremely suitable for outdoor storage onsite.

Customised ABY Container

To customise the ABY container for the Italian Air Force we did the following:

  • Based the container on an HcU6e pallet, which we made extremely rigid
  • Divided the top structure into several compartments to store an array of spare parts
  • Installed 8 shelves with 14 drawers at the back for storing small items
  • Added solid doors on both the front and back to improve accessibility

By customising the construction and interior of the ABY container, we feel we’ve played a small part in helping NATO fulfil its missions. That’s something to be proud of.

More info?

If you’d like to know more about the ABY container or about our container customisation services, visit our product page for similar express industry or contact us.

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