VRR goes even greener with solar panels

We’ve decided to up our efforts in the battle against global warming by harnessing solar energy. VRR gets more than 90% of its electricity from solar panels. 

Investing in the future of our business and our planet

Generating electricity from renewable energy sources is an effective way to reduce the consumption of fossil fuel. In doing so, we’ll be helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and pollution. But even if we put environmental concerns to one side, we’re still convinced that solar power is a sound investment that will pay a return for many years to come. By coming off the main grid, we’ll not only reduce our utility bills significantly but also lock in our energy rates and level out our annual running costs. Now that makes business sense.

Combining the sun’s energy with technology to power our factory and offices

We’ll be mounting 460 solar panels on the roof of our headquarters in Rotterdam. Each panel of photovoltaic cells is 1.5 m². Alone, that’s enough to cover the average power consumption of one person. Together, VRR will have enough to cover the average power consumption of the whole factory and all the offices (117,000 KWh annually) which equals 90% of our total energy consumption.

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