Versatile HAD horse stable created for FedEx

Last year, FedEx proved its commitment to the Boeing 767 as its cargo carrier of the future by placing a firm order for another fifty of these reliable and efficient planes. However, the B767 aircraft has a smaller cargo hold than the B747, giving it a smaller pallet footprint. So FedEx asked us to design a brand new type of horse stable for the B767 aircraft type. This remodelled container should: 

  • have a base size of 88x125 inches instead of the usual 96x125 inches
  • provide a walkway on the side to give access to the horses once in the aircraft
  • meet all the safety requirements for transporting horses on a B767

The result is the HAD horse stable: a versatile container with a two-horse configuration. With similar contouring to the AAD container, this innovative stable is designed to be loaded on the right side of the aircraft.

Combining convenience and comfort to ship horses by air

The HAD horse stable is based on a robust heavy pallet to allow forklift handling but also to stop the horses feeling the rollers and power drive unit (PDU) during the loading process. Other features include:

  • A rubber mat covering the top of the base to provide protection and animal welfare
  • Ramps that tilt open on both the front and rear side of the container
  • Rubber padding on the ramps to prevent damage and give the horses extra grip as they enter and exit the stable
  • Kick doors with rubber padding inside that open individually for safe loading
  • Lightweight and impact-resistant side panels
  • Covers for front and rear sides with gauze windows to provide ventilation
  • EASA and FAA certification

Groom accessibility and welfare not forgotten

On cargo aircraft, grooms have relatively free access to the horses so they can offer water and food and ensure their general well-being. So we installed a groom’s door to give the groom access during the flight. The door slides open for easy entry, and it can be locked in an open or closed position.

We also fitted two identical solid breast frames that prevent the horses from entering the groom area, giving the groom a safe working environment while looking after the horses during the flight. The frames come with several rings and hooks, which can be used to hang hay bags, etc.

More info?

Would you like to know more about the new HAD horse stable? Please contact us for details.

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