Three different AKN FSK containers for B787 spare parts and tools

Stratus Aviation Services specialises in providing tailored, full-service support to owners and operators of business jets. The bespoke consultancy approached VRR a while ago to design AKN FSK containers to store spare parts and tools for the maintenance of a B787 aircraft. The Boeing Business Jet division has configured several B787s in recent years to provide the corporate world with a VIP version of the Dreamliner.

Custom interiors

Each container is built on a 1562x1534mm pallet and is forkliftable on all four sides. They include e.g. hatches, shelving, drawers, tool boxes, storage for a ramp, a raised floor for an axel jack, wheel bars and straps, straps to secure tools/box and barrier nets.

The containers have cover doors which are equipped with locking bars to prevent unauthorized access. Since they can be rolled up and placed on top of roof, they’re easy to open while the container is still in the aircraft.

More info?

If you’d like to know more about the AKN FSK container and how it can be customised in line with your specifications, please contact us.

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