Salvage company places repeat order for bespoke AKP containers

SMIT Salvage is one of world's largest salvage companies. It helps ships in distress anywhere in the world and at any time, which is why it operates out of four locations: Rotterdam, Houston, Cape Town and Singapore. These ports are strategically positioned near major international shipping routes.

Providing an express service in dangerous conditions

Removing a shipwreck that poses a threat to other ships or rescuing cargo when a ship’s been damaged or sunk requires two things: specialised equipment and a team of experts that are in a state of round-the-clock readiness. When SMIT Salvage asked us a while back to customise a ULD that could transport essential tools to emergencies at sea, we knew that rapid deployment and durability would be major aspects.

Developing a bespoke container for rescue missions

When designing the ULD, we had to make sure it:

  • Can be deployed rapidly
  • Can be loaded onto the lower deck of wide-bodied aircraft
  • Can be transported by a helicopter
  • Is extremely durable and robust
  • Offers supreme weather protection

Helping to respond immediately to incidents around the world

We decided to develop an AKP container because that can be pre-loaded and transported on most wide-body aircraft. This would reduce critical start-up times. What’s more, the AKP container can operate as underslung equipment if the rescue operation requires tools to be delivered by helicopter. That extra versatility could be crucial in certain rescue missions.

Inserting features that aid salvage operations

Shipwreck removal operations are challenging at the best of times, so it was important to add features to this bespoke ULD that supported the salvage team. Those features include:

  • Double stainless steel brackets on each corner for adequate tie-down facility
  • Military D-ring on each reinforced corner of the roof for hoisting
  • Door with an aluminium honeycomb panel with rubber extrusions to prevent water ingress
  • Customised interior for storage of specialised equipment
  • Pallet base (61.5 x 60.5 inches) with forklift pockets for easy handling

SMIT Salvage has been so delighted with our design that it has just re-ordered another customised AKP containers. We were happy to oblige.

More info?

If you’d like to know more about rapid deployment containers, or if you have another specific problem that a custom air cargo product might solve? Visit our express industry product page or contact us directly.

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