New versatile HMJ horse stable created for Jettainer and Lufthansa

Transporting horses by air presents many challenges, not least the design of the horse stable that contains the animals during the flight. Safety and animal welfare top the priority list. In addition, Jettainer, the company that manages Lufthansa’s fleet of ULDs, was also looking for versatility and convenience. So they asked VRR to adapt the HMJ stable – a container with proven capabilities and a permanent place in our product range. 

Foldable roof system for maximum volume

We addressed the versatility issue by creating a foldable roof structure. This unique system allows Jettainer to convert the stable with ease from a rectangular A-contour (suitable for a B747F) to a slanted J-contour (suitable for a B777F and MD-11F). Creating maximum internal volume has turned the HMJ into an extremely flexible fleet container.

Attributes that improve safety, convenience and animal welfare

Other key features that we added at the request of Jettainer and Lufthansa include:

  • Robust, watertight base 
  • Lightweight panel material that offers high impact resistance
  • Breast protection and kick nets
  • Kick doors, which can be closed directly after loading a horse, to retain the horses and protect the crew
  • Auto roll-up covers (front and back)
  • Waterproof and sealing provisions to prevent leakage (urine and droppings) from going out and rain from entering the stall
  • Branding including QR and bar codes

Like all our other horse stables, this stable is certified and approved by EASA and FAA.

More info?

If you’d like to know more about this HMJ stable, please contact us.

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