Longed-for agreement on TSOs signed by FAA and EASA

A bilateral agreement on Technical Standard Orders (TSO) has been signed between the USA and EU. It is now in force.

A welcome step in the right direction

This agreement has been years in the making. The aviation industry has long believed that the importing authority’s approval of parts and materials already approved by the exporting authority did not improve safety and only served to duplicate work between the FAA and EASA. It seems that the two regulatory bodies now have enough confidence in each other’s systems to accept each other’s TSO-approved articles.

What does this mean for European and US manufacturers?

The reciprocal arrangement between FAA and EASA means that European manufacturers who hold an ETSO authorisation can deliver their articles (including ULDs) to US-registered carriers without FAA approval (FAA-LODA). Likewise, TSOA holders based in the US can deliver their articles to EU-registered carriers without ETSO authorisation.

What does this mean for ULDs? 

All ULDs that are EASA-certified (old and new ones) are now accepted automatically by the FAA. Therefore, airlines that carry FAA-certified ULDs can also accept EASA-certified ULDs.

What does this mean for VRR? 

We no longer have to apply on your behalf for FAA approval for any of our EASA-certified ULDs. This is great news for us and for you because it simplifies and shortens the certification process.

Does this agreement cover STC-certified ULDs?

This agreement covers only standard (E)TSO certification, not STC certification.

More info? 

If you have any questions about this bilateral agreement and how it will affect your business, please contact us or visit the EASA website.

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