Japan Post enters the cool chain with RKN cool containers

The key to transporting vaccines and blood plasma safely around the world is guaranteeing an unbroken cool chain. The same goes for drugs and food stuffs. Any breaks in that precious chain could result in medicines that are ineffective, blood transfusions that can’t be carried out, and food that has to be thrown away.

Using cool containers to aid medical and food relief across the globe
Cool containers that maintain the right temperature over long distances are essential to the cool chain. After all, many hospitals, blood banks and food centres receiving these products are located in remote areas or warm, humid climates, and they have patchy electricity supplies.

The cold-storage transport is high on the agenda for couriers like Japan Post, especially the transportation of perishable food stuff such as fish and vegetables. They need to guarantee the safe transport of vulnerable and perishable products that have to be maintained at the right temperature at all times.

Providing ultimate proof of an unbroken cool chain
RKN cool container is perfect for transporting perishable products. It not only offers superb insulation with its dry-ice cooling system but also allows data measured from calibrated sensors to be exported so that the courier can prove the cool chain has been unbroken.

To bring the container in line with Japan Post’s specific requirements, we carried out in-depth testing on the cooling and airflow system. That testing has resulted in the improved durability and consistency of the set temperature throughout the entire container. Distinctive features of the RKN cooler container include:

  • Redesigned Temperature Control Unit (TCU) with a user-friendly interface in English and Japanese
  • Calibrated sensors that measure temperature data
  • A fan that distributes the air flow
  • USB-connection interface to allow data to be exported to a memory stick
  • Regular D-cell batteries for powering the TCU
  • A pallet base that is forkliftable on three sides
  • A Bergo floor for excellent drainage capabilities
  • Rubber extrusions around the door for ultimate airtightness
  • A structure that can withstand harsh environments

Needless to say, the RKN cool container complies with all the usual air-worthiness regulations, including electromagnetical interference (EMI) for on-board usage.

More info on cool containers?
If you’d like to know more about our range of cool containers and how they can be customised for your unique needs, please contact us.

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