Full-colour branding for NCA’s new cool containers

An order of new RKN and RAP cool containers has just been delivered to Nippon Cargo Airlines (NCA). The RKN and RAP offer a superb insulation temperature controlled cool container, so it’s no surprise they have an essential role in providing medical relief and catering services around the world. Without them, products such as vaccines, drugs, blood plasma and foodstuffs would perish long before they reached their destinations: e.g. hospitals and food centres.

Increasing NCA’s brand equity with full-colour branding design

Japan's first all-cargo airline asked VRR to work out a custom full-colour branding design for their new RKN and RAP cool containers. NCA’s logo, name and corporate colours are now visible across all four sides increasing their brand equity across the whole supply chain.

Guaranteeing the safe shipment of perishable goods

The superb insulation properties of both the RAP and the RKN are complemented by a dry ice-based system and a Temperature Control Unit (TCU) that runs on regular D-cell batteries. 

The dry ice box is separated from the inside of the container by insulated panels, making the internal temperature easily adjustable. The TCU not only monitors the temperature but also controls the internal temperature by powering the fans that circulate cool air. For ultimate proof of an unbroken cool chain, calibrated sensors measure the temperature data. These measurements can be exported hassle-free using a memory stick via a USB connection.

Offering full compliance with airworthiness regulations

Both containers can withstand the harsh environments that air cargo is frequently subject to, especially in remote and/or tropical regions. They also comply with all the usual airworthiness regulations, including electromagnetical interference (EMI) for on-board usage.

Like to customise your cool containers?

If you’re thinking of making changes to any of your containers, including adding a full-colour branding design, please contact us. We’d be happy to help. Also, have a look at our cool container product page for more information.

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