AYY containers delivered to BidAir Cargo

VRR has just delivered new AYY containers to BidAir Cargo, the leading independent provider in Southern and East Africa of 24/7 express airport-to-airport freight transport for couriers.

Half the size but twice the flexibility

The half-size ULD is sometimes referred to as the Demi container. The AYY container may be half the size of the AAY container – it’s base size is just 88x62 inches – but it helps reduce sorting time considerably. By placing two AYY containers side by side, operators can treat the two containers as one conventional full-contour container, yet divide the loads according to their final destination.

Designed for narrow-body aircraft

Used in narrow-body freighter aircraft such as the B732F or B757F, the AYY container is approved for use in aircrafts where the cargo restraint system is modified according to STC number ST00283AT. Note that these containers cannot be transported if there is no container next to it; asymmetrical loading of the aircraft must be avoided.

Assembled near customer

Once we had engineered and manufactured the AYY containers, we dispatched the containers fully knocked down to Menzies Aviation in Johannesburg, South Africa, who assembled them on behalf of BidAir Cargo. This reduced transport costs significantly.

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