AKN FSK container customised for B787 engine change kits

The newest member of the KLM fleet is the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. It’s one of the most advanced airplanes of its time and offers top-level quality and comfort as standard. But even the most advanced airplanes can suffer engine problems from time to time, and a grounded airplane is bad news for passengers but even worse for the airline.

Selecting a flexible container for fast transportation

KLM was keen to find a way to get a complete engine change kit as quickly as possible to a grounded plane anywhere in the world should the worst happen. The solution was asking us to adapt the AKN FSK container. A FSK container is a container that carries the fly away kit (FAK) or flight spare kit (FSK). Instead of having the most used spare parts at multiple stopovers, or having to wait for them when stranded somewhere, a good tradeoff is to have them aboard.

These type of spare part kits are commonly seen aboard aircraft serving remote and isolated locations that only have little traffic and where maintenance may be difficult to be performed instantaneously. This particular AKN container type was chosen for two main reasons:

  • It can carry a complete General Electric GEnx engine kit, which weighs in at approx. 281 kg
  • It can be loaded onto the lower deck of nearly any wide-body aircraft

That flexibility guarantees fast fly away kit or flight spare kit transportation, which in turn cuts down a plane’s out-of-service time considerably. And that is exactly what KLM wanted.

Helping the mechanics at each stage of the engine refit

When designing the customised container, we took into consideration aspects such as ergonomics and user-friendliness. After all, the faster engineers and mechanics can access and load a kit, the faster they can remove and install an engine.

Accordingly, this AKN flight spare kit (FSK) container has foldable doors on the front and aft side. Each of its six drawers - designed to carry B787 tooling - can also be accessed front and aft. To prevent any damage to the tools, each drawer has a foam inlay and lid.

All tools can be accessed without having to remove any other tool, and on each drawer is a sticker displaying the drawer’s internal lay-out and content. The drawers have been arranged so that the heavier parts are stored in the lower drawers.

Making sure the AKN FSK container is accepted by all airlines and all countries

Another big plus for this container is its durable nature. These engine kits are normally transported in wooden cases, which are not accepted in all countries, depending on their regulations. This AKN FSK container removes the need for using wooden cases. It’s also EASA- and FAA-certified, making it acceptable to all airlines.

More info?

Interested in knowing more about this custom-made AKN FSK container? Would you like a comparable container customised for other types of engine change kits? Anything’s possible, please have a look at out specialised unit load devices product page or contact us for more information.

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