VRR gets an extension and a make-over

The disruption is over, the builders and decorators have left, and everyone has settled in to their new working areas. Yes, the extension to our headquarters in Rotterdam is complete, resulting in a stylish and spacious building befitting a forward-thinking and expanding company like VRR. 

The new building is a modern open-plan office for our engineers, complete with a snug relaxation-cum-refreshment area for informal meetings. It will also shortly have a purpose-built showroom, designed to show our customers the variety of possibilities and solutions.

The extension links to the original building via a glass-walled corridor that has runway floor markings. This eye-catching effect blends in seamlessly with the aviation theme that runs subtly throughout the premises. The offices and meeting rooms of the original building have also been completely refurbished, with restrained air travel touches that gently remind you of the business we’re in.

Make-Over on the Outside

We haven’t neglected the outside either. Our parking and storage areas have been extended and upgraded, and the building’s exterior has been smartened up. 

The extension and make-over reflects the growing nature of our business. We are keen to move forward and not just in product development. By taking on more personnel and by extending and revitalising our headquarters, we are paving the way to a bigger and brighter future for VRR.

We hope you’ll be able to pay us a visit in the near future to see the impressive results for yourself.

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