VRR develops fully customised AKN container for Boeing

Just like humans, all aircraft have a tendency to gain weight over time. The installation of new equipment and the accumulation of dirt and grease are two reasons. Repainting an airplane without removing the old paint is another. When you consider that the amount of paint needed to coat a 747 is between 8 and 9 tonnes, you realise just how easy it is for a plane to put on weight.

Getting a plane on the scales

Once you know that planes can get heavier over time, it’s perhaps no surprise that manufacturers like Boeing must weigh their aircraft periodically to ensure they still meet FAA safety and efficiency standards. That requires specialist weighing equipment. This can be either load cells (which requires the plane to be jacked up on stands similar to the way you’d jack up a car) or a weighing platform system with shallow ramps. Predictably, large planes require large ramps, and the scales are not the sort you find in your bathroom.

Standard containers (ULDs) aren’t cut out for transporting this essential and sensitive equipment, so Boeing asked VRR to create a container specific for this purpose. The AKN container is the result of our labours.

Specially designed container and loading tool

The AKN’s interior has been specially designed and optimised to accommodate seven sets of scales, ramps and other vital tools. The shelving is adjustable and gives easy access via the front, aft and left side of the container. Consideration was also given to protecting this delicate kit, so aspects such as rubber buffers, foam lining and sliding strips are included.

The AKN comes with a wheeled loading tool, which allows the scales to be easily loaded and off-loaded. The tool has been ergonomically designed to make handling convenient and it can be disassembled and placed in the rear compartment of the container.

More information

If you’d like to know know more about the AKN container, please contact us. or visit our product page of specialised products where we showcase our ability to design perfect-fit customised containers for our customers.

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