VRR designs DPN container for aircraft mechanics

ABX Air, based in Ohio, is a global cargo airline that operates an extensive B767 freighter fleet and offers customers ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance) relationships. The airline was keen to have new DPN containers that could easily store equipment and tools used to maintain its fleet, so ABX Air asked VRR to design a container that would make life easier for its travelling mechanics.

Optimising storage space

The DPN container, a lower-deck container typically used on a B767, made a perfect starting point. We set about optimising the interior by installing four shelves, four barrier nets, one stanchion, and two wheel straps and bars (one for the nose wheel and one for the main wheel).

Building in convenience and user-friendliness

Careful thought was also given to the container’s manoeuvrability and accessibility. The structure itself is not welded; only rivets hold it together, which makes it easy to assemble and disassemble. The pallet base, which is built to IATA specifications, is forkliftable on four sides. There’s also a loading ramp with anti-slip material to assist in loading and unloading the wheels. This ramp is stored conveniently on one of the larger shelves under the roof.

Security was not overlooked: the swinging door comes with a padlock provision so it can be locked with either a padlock or a customs seal.

Assembling close to the customer

The containers were actually assembled in the US by 1st Choice Aerospace in Hebron, Kentucky. Since this specially designed DPN container isn’t welded, it could be delivered flat pack, saving the customer a great deal on transport costs. Our assembly partner did an excellent job on our behalf, and we’re looking forward to collaborating with 1st Choice again.

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