TNT placed large order dual-contoured AAA containers

Timeweightdurability and convenience are key words in the mail and express delivery industry, which is why the AAA container is the perfect ULD for companies like TNT. This multinational company, which makes more than 700 air-freight journeys a week and fulfils 1 million deliveries around the globe every day, recently placed a large repeat order with us for AAA containers.

A durable yet lightweight dual-contoured container

We developed the AAA container specifically for the mail and express delivery industry: frequent use and a harsh environment mean wear and tear. So we designed the AAA to be durable, lightweight, strong (it has excellent impact resistance) and easy to repair. 

We also made it dual-contoured so that it can be used on a narrow body aircraft such as the B737 & 757 and wide body aircraft such as the A300. Loaded facing forward in a single row, it’s a perfect fit for e.g. the B737. Loaded back to back in a double row configuration and it’s a perfect fit for e.g. the A300.

A perfect-fit for the express industry​

The container’s lower sheets are made of a translucent material, so it’s easy to check whether all packages have been unloaded. It also comes with a cover door and a net which can be placed on top of the container, enabling it to be fully stowed.   

Production went full steam ahead and all containers have now been delivered to TNT.

The AAA container is also known as the AAC, AAY or LAY container. Want to see more containers that make the express industry as efficient as can be? Visit our dedicated product family: We keep it Efficient.

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