Next-generation collapsible horse stable for NCA

NCA (Nippon Cargo Airlines) wanted to replace its ‘old’ horse stables with the latest version: the HMC. But it also wanted a couple of extras added on. VRR was happy to oblige.

The HMC is the most durable and efficient collapsible stable container on the market. It offers the highest level of animal welfare and groom safety, yet it is quick to put together and easy to fold down, making it a real winner for equestrian air travel.

The HMC can transport three horses and a groom. All aspects of the stable are designed with the well-being of the horse and groom in mind. The construction can withstand substantial abuse, the materials safeguard the horse, and the design provides a safe working area for the grooms.

However, convenience is not overlooked: up to four folded stables can be stacked and loaded on the lower deck for the return journey, saving time and money.

The extras that NCA wanted were:

  • A drain plug to let water flow freely from the stable after cleaning
  • Additional padding on the ceiling at the head end of the stable to protect the horse from injury

If you’d like to learn more about the new HMC stables, check out our video.

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