New MGX container for AT&T’s emergency response team

AT&T, one of the largest telecom companies in the world, has asked VRR to create a new MGX container for rapid deployment. This large multi-modal transporter, which carries vital telecommunications equipment for AT&T’s international emergency response team, is still serving the company well. However, a different version along the same design lines would boost the telecom provider’s impressive recovery service.

Ready to respond when disaster strikes

The MGX is a specially-designed container that acts as a technology trailer. It accommodates all the tools needed to restore essential voice and data service networks as quickly as possible, and it can be flown or trucked in to any natural disaster zone, making it a valuable asset to AT&T.

Enabling the rapid recovery of vital telecom services

Each MGX container has self-contained or dedicated power and environmental capabilities, and each houses a component of the network technology that would normally form part of a permanent telecommunications central office (CO). Once on site, the individual components are connected in such a way that they replicate the unique configuration of the heavily damaged or destroyed CO.

Advanced containers for advanced technology 

Uptime, network integrity, equipment compatibility and natural disaster survivability are essential for any CO, so transporting technology that meets the strict environmental and packaging requirements of the telecom provider is of the utmost importance. The MGX, which has a 20ft pallet footprint, has not only insulated compartments to protect sensitive high end routers and other electronics from the outer elements but also a refrigeration system to deal with the tremendous heat generated internally by the equipment.

The container is also equipped with two foldable desks for the interior, LED lights next to or above the doors, a Roxtec unit for external power supply, improved insulation and Unistrut extrusions to allow the installation of Sym racks.

Built for B747 freighter aircraft

The MGX container can be loaded side-by-side in a B747F aircraft.

More info?

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