New KMP cattle racks for lower and main decks

VRR has developed a new penning system that can be placed on both lower and main decks. The KMP cattle racks can contain up to five cows during flight. Setting up these racks is extremely easy. Four loose panels are attached to each other with a pin-slot connection and then secured to a PMC pallet using straps. The door is integrated into the front panel, making it simple to remove when loading and unloading. 

Since the panels are made of a sandwich-structured composite that uses a honeycomb core material, they are very lightweight, have a high resistance and are exceptionally robust. Couple these with heavy duty ventilation grills along the lower edge of the stall and you have a durable and animal friendly method for transporting cattle. 

Return trip

All the racks can be placed flat against each other for the return trip. Since the thickness of the panels has been optimised, 17 stalls (1 stall of 4 panels) can be placed on a single PMC pallet. This means a full freighter aircraft, which can hold up to 34 stalls, just needs to bring back two pallets on its lower deck.

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