New delivery of AAA containers to DHL

DHL has just received its new AAA containers (known officially as the AAY container) from VRR. Designed for use in a narrow-bodied freighter aircraft, typically the B737 Freighter or QC, the AAY container is based on an 88 x 125 inch pallet and makes optimum use of the aircraft’s cargo space. It is used for transporting parcels all around the world.

DHL Specifications

The container has been designed according to DHL specifications. It has a yellow cover/net door, and it has transparent sheets to make visible the container’s content. Internal seat track points enable the cargo to be secured, while a drainage floor prevents the bottom of the parcels from sitting in water. The container is equipped with pulling straps which enables the container to be repositioned manually. Markings such as volume indicators and barcodes have been added to integrate with DHL operations.

Efficiency in the express industry

The AAA container is a new ‘member of the family’ VRR produces for DHL. Designing as a family, we can reduce parts count where possible to achieve production efficiency and easy inventory control at customers maintenance facilities. In the express industry efficiency is paramount, that is why we keep it efficient.

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